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SFBB08: Master List of Fanfic and Fanart

Our eighth round at smallfandombang has come to an end! I’d like to thank everyone who participated this year and helped make this round a huge success. Whether you were an author or an artist, a beta or a cheerleader, or a someone who left a comment, your participation is appreciated.

In particular I’d like to thank the several artists who stepped up and took on the task of creating artwork for more than one story, and especially those artists who took chances on fandoms they weren’t familiar with. You have my heartfelt thanks.

For those keeping track, we had 16 stories and/or art created in 18 different fandoms (including crossovers) this round! Beneath the cut you’ll find links to all the stories and accompanying artwork. If you haven’t already checked them out, enjoy! *g*

Master List:

All-New Ghost Rider (comics)

Vengeance Drives For Uber by Rokal (Robbie Reyes, Eli Morrow, Gabe Reyes, OCs, half the side characters from the comics; R)
Summary: Last year, eighteen-year-old legal guardian Robbie Reyes made a deal with the ghost of the serial killer possessing his body: together they will unleash their rage on those who endanger Los Angeles, and when they find someone truly evil, truly deserving, they will kill them. Since he made the deal, they've maimed plenty, but killed no one, and the ghost is getting impatient.

Robbie gets a side-job driving his Ghost Rider car for Uber. This goes about as well as one could hope: he doesn't attack any passengers, but he does stumble upon a murder victim.

Robbie wants the killer to pay, for reasons he does not understand. Eli wants Robbie to finally fulfill his end of the deal and kill somebody, anybody. To avenge the innocent dead, Robbie is finally willing to cooperate. They work together to identify and hunt the killer.

Meanwhile, Lisa takes Robbie to meet her parents, Robbie plans for his future, Ramón Cordova pays it forward, Guero Valdez adapts, the woman who got slipped a pink pill puts her apartment back together, a cop from New York comes out west hunting Ghost Riders, and Gabe understands more than Robbie knows.
Art – Moodboard created by Kat_lair

Blade: Trinity (2004)

If You Are the Desert, I’ll be the Sea (If You Ever Hunger, Hunger for Me) by Glitterfics (Drake/Hannibal King; NC17)
Summary: Centuries ago, Drake was betrayed by a handful of his own people who killed his betrothed and then imprisoned Drake in a magically sealed tomb. Now he has been freed only to discover that vampires have become greed ridden shadows of their former selves and who actually believed that he'd chosen to sleep voluntarily. Worse still, they initiated a war with the werewolves - in his name, no less - and hunted his former allies and friends to near extinction.

Biding his time in order to learn more about this new world before taking his rightful position as the Vampire King, Drake discovers that not all the remaining werewolves had gone into hiding. One had joined a group of human hunters and brazenly used his abilities in the open as he hunted all the vampires he could find. As soon as they met, Drake knew that he had to make the wolf his but would Hannibal King give in to their mutual attraction as they worked together to bring about the downfall of these modern vampires?

Dissidia: Final Fantasy (game)

Rendezvous by Dentedsky (Firion/Tidus, Emperor Mateus, Jecht, Kuja; NC17)
Summary: Firion’s manikins follow Tidus around.

The stars themselves are jealous of your smile, for it lights up the world.

Drakengard 3 (game)

A Better End by Erhotic (Dito/Cent, Past Cent/Two, Past Five/Dito (non-con); NC17)
Summary: The same day awaits them all.
Art – Illustration created by Rollcake

Eureka (tv) (Independence Day movie Fusion)

Fourth of July by Tarlan (Jack/Nathan; PG13)
Summary: Jack is in pursuit of his runaway daughter, Zoe, when the massive mothership reaches Earth, and now he needs to find a way to keep his daughter safe. Nathan is in Washington D.C. advising the President but decides he would be more useful in Eureka, working in collaboration with the scientists in Area51 to find a way to defeat the aliens before the human race is wiped off the face of the planet. When Nathan needs transport for the final leg of his journey to Eureka it's at a time when it seems to be every man for himself, but while searching he finds more than he ever expected when he meets U.S. Marshal Jack Carter.
Art – Cover created by Danceswithgary
Art – Cover & Wallpaper created by Knowmefirst

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)/The New Adventures of Old Christine (tv)

Cursed by Spikedluv (Richard/Hansel; R)
Summary: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters are hired by Christine (Richard’s ex-wife) to reverse a curse. While Richard is dubious about curses and witches, he does find himself attracted to Hansel. The two men spend time together to get to know each other and play ‘meet the family’. But when Richard realizes how often Hansel has to be out of town for work and discovers how dangerous Hansel’s job can be he begins to wonder whether he can do this. When Hansel is badly hurt, Richard has to make a decision to run or commit fully.
Art – Cover, Dividers & Icons created by Sandy79

The Haunting of Hill House (tv)

The House by Melime (Hill House; PG13)
Summary: The House was old. The House was patient. And sooner or later, she got to all of them.
Art – Cover & Dividers created by Dejesss

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (game)

Where the Legend Ends by Zilentdreamer (Link, Midna, Ilia, Ordon Villagers; PG13)
Summary: With Midna gone and the Twilight Mirror shattered, Link is left at loose ends. He returns to Ordon Village in order to pick up the pieces of his life, only to realize he is no longer the simple goat-herder content with the quiet life. Beset by new instincts and dreams that hint of battles he has no memory of fighting, the Chosen Hero must decide what he will do in a world that no longer needs to be saved.
Art – Cover & FanMix created by Noxelementalist

Letterkenny (tv)

Seeds of a Memory by SquidgiePDX (Daryl/Wayne; PG13)
Summary: All it took was a patch of ice to change Wayne and Daryl's life forever.
Art – Cover & Illustration created by Selenheart

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (tv)

Scarlet Bound Titanium: Star Search by Pairatime (Carter/Ryan, Dr. Fairweather/Joel; R)
Summary: With Bansheera’s return the hunt for the star power grows more intense with both Lightspeed and the demons hunting for it. Ryan meanwhile continues his exploration with Kris and Joel is still perusing Dr. Fairweather.
Art – Cover created by Paynesgrey

Salvation (tv)

Salvation by Melime (Darius/Liam; PG13)
Summary: Darius and Liam drift apart, and then find each other again.
Art – Illustration created by Tentacledicks


Bacha bazi - dancing boys by Dont_hate_me01 (Ensemble; NC17; Read the Warnings)
Summary: Never before has Bravo Team accept a rookie and such a young one into their Tier One DEVGRU SEAL Team. That’s until Clay Spenser comes through the ranks of Green Team. He is over confident – even cocky, has a chip on his shoulder, and regarded as Special Ops Royalty.

But he also has talent, is loyal and not scared to get into the thick of things to get the job done. He asks questions, never takes no for an answer, and keeps them all on their toes.

While deployed in Afghanistan, Clay catches the eye of a man they had no knowledge of. A man who forms part of the Bacha bazi syndicate.

When Clay gets taken, they are in a war-stricken country and have no idea on where to look for him. Every lead they get turns into nothing, until they finally get a break. Now, they have to get their brother back and deal with those who took him from them. Bloodshed will happen and they didn’t give a damn.
Art – Cover created by Knowmefirst

The Terror (tv)

How to Come Home by Smaragdbird (Francis Crozier/Thomas Jopson, William Gibson/Cornelius Hickey, James Fitzjames/Henry LeVesconte, George Hodgson/Charles De Voeux, Edward Little/Thomas Hartnell, John Bridgens/Henry Peglar, Thomas Armitage/Solomon Tozer, Harry Goodsir, Thomas Blanky; NC17)
Summary: After three long winters in the eyes, the battered Erebus and Terror make it through the Nortwest Passage and into safe harbour.

Now that they survived seemingly against all odds, the men start to make plans for the future and deal with the events of the past years and the relationships that they forged amongst each other.
Art – Cover created by Amoredition

Three Rivers (tv)

Still Breathing by Logans_girl2001 (Andy/Ryan; NC17)
Summary: After nearly six years of being in love, Ryan begins to doubt that Andy truly loves him. So he walks away, leaving behind everything Andy ever gave him and a letter that does not even come close to explaining why.
Art – Illustrations created by Paxilam
Art – Cover & Wallpaper created by Knowmefirst

Ys (video game)/Super Hydlide (video game)

Labo of Sara by Tehexile (Adol Christin/Dogi; PG13)
Summary: On his supposedly Adol-proof enchanted boat, Mitchel takes Adol across the sea to explore the Gagharv rift which has mysteriously manifested in the middle of the ocean. After the inevitable shipwreck, Adol finds a secret colony of Roos, ruins of an ancient civilisation and, of course, big trouble.
Art – Digital created by Danceswithgary

Zoom (2006)

Try to make it look easy (gonna make it look good) by Noxelementalist (Connor Shepard/Dylan West; PG13)
Summary: Connor’s readjusting to regular life as fast as he can. Enter Dylan.
Art – Illustrated Cover created by Amoredition

Participation Banners will be coming soon!

We’ll be holding a ninth round in the fall, so please continue to watch the community or check back for more information. Thanks again!

In other news, our sister community Small Fandoms Fest on DW has opened its twenty-fifth round with a call for prompt submissions! If you want to write more in your favorite small fandoms (but maybe not 10,000+ words *g*), check it out!
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