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SFBB04: Master List of Fanfic and Fanart

I'm getting this Master List posted just under the wire, since our fourth round at smallfandombang came to an end a while ago, and our next round is about to begin! I’d like to thank everyone who participated this past year and helped make this round a huge success. Whether you were an author or an artist, a beta or a cheerleader, or a someone who left a comment, your participation is appreciated.

I’d especially like to thank our pinch-hit artist and those artists who stepped up and took on the task of creating artwork for more than one story. You have my heartfelt thanks.

For those keeping track, we had 34 stories and art created in 30 different fandoms this round! Beneath the cut you’ll find links to all the stories and accompanying artwork. If you haven’t already checked them out, enjoy! *g*

Master List:

21 Jump Street (tv)

life with you by helsinkibaby (Doug Penhall/Judy Hoffs; PG13; Romance, AU; Read Warnings)
Summary: "I don't know where I'd be without you here with me.
Life with you makes perfect sense.
You're my best friend."

Or, what happens if Doug and Judy hadn't agreed to stay friends in Besieged.
Art – Cover Art created by danceswithgary

Adventures of Tintin, The (2011)

something rich and strange by starr_falling (Haddock/Tintin; PG; Romance, Age of Sail AU, mermaid!AU)
Summary: The last thing Captain Archibald Haddock expected to fish out of the sea was a mermaid. Especially, not one that turned out to be a handsome and charmingly curious lad.

Tintin was curious about the world above, but this was not how he had imagined seeing it; caught in a net and dragged aboard a ship like a fish. And he never imagined a human could be as compelling as the Captain.
Art – Illustration created by radishwine

Almost Human (tv)/Doom (film)

One of My Kind by heavenlyxbodies (John & Dorian; PG13; Action, Crossover)
Summary: Four years after making it through a deadly special forces mission on Mars, John was the only survivor of a police raid gone wrong. The raid took his leg and put him in a coma he should never have awoken from and taking almost two years of his life. Now back on the force, begrudgingly partnered with an android, Dorian, DRN-167, who’s too close to human for his own good, John’s being asked to go face the very things that changed his life, to follow the man who created and betrayed his partner, and face the crime group, InSyndicate, responsible for the ambush that cost him his team and his leg- all wrapped up in one nice little package over the Wall, which segregates the livable portion of the city and the area overrun by the C24s.
Art – Cover Art & Illustrations created by stormbrite


Conversations on a Balcony by deinonychus_1 (Jason/Pythagoras; PG13; Friends to Lovers)
Summary: It’s late at night, they are in the house by themselves, so Jason and Pythagoras talk. In a story told wholly through a series of late night conversations, often aided by alcohol, Jason and Pythagoras discuss anything and everything, from the not so serious (such as the time Jason tries to explain the internet), to subjects that are close to both their hearts. In doing so, they learn more about each other and their friendship grows.

But no matter how close they are, Jason knows they both have secrets. Jason still dare not tell Pythagoras the truth about who he is and where he comes from. And no matter how honest Pythagoras is about his sexuality and past relationships, Jason soon comes to believe that his friend is hiding a great heartache.

When matters come to a head one night, Jason must decide how much he is prepared to risk in order to save his relationship with the best friend he has ever known.
Art – Cover Art, Chapter Dividers & Scene Illustrations created by kat_lair

Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Little Star by niki_chidon (Starbuck/Apollo; PG13; Kid!fic)
Summary: Starbuck has someone new in his life, ‘someone special,’ and Apollo is not happy.
Art – Book Jacket created by gryphon2k

Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace (BIg and Rich music video)

The Preacher Man by cowgirlxena (John Rich, Kenny Alphin, OCs; PG13; Western)
Summary: All in all after a half a day riding with John on that fateful day a year prior, Kenny knew what he rather do and officially turned his back on his old life as a preacher of a small Texan town and never looked back.
Art – Cover art and illustration created by aislinarchives

Blade: Trinity

Plural of Apocalypse by elyss_blair (Drake/Hannibal King; R; Action, Romance)
Summary: A few years after Daystar, the Nightstalkers are hunting a new threat, Drake isn't as dead as they'd believed and Hannibal is working with a new breed of vampire. Then, his day really gets weird.
Art – Illustrations created by dejester


We Three Kings by lightning_skies (Drake/Hannibal King/Lucian; R)
Summary: Drake, son of the blood god La Magra, gifted his most loyal servants sips of his blood. 7000 years later he wakes in the modern world to find that he's accidentally created an entire race of vampires. His 'children' can't even walk in the sun without burning and are having problems taking care of a group of human hunters and a hybrid. He is most interested in the hunter, Hannibal King, who smells of his blood, but is NOT a vampire.

However, he isn't the only one interested in the secrets of Hannibal's blood. A second race evolved from his bloodline and Hannibal is stolen away by their king, Lucian, to be used in his war against the vampires.

Drake, Lucian and Hannibal all want the same thing, the elimination of the vampire race, but can they get along for long enough to accomplish it or will their differences inspire them to kill each other rather than their common enemy?
Art created by truthismusic

Breakfast Club, The

I Turned Away by apckrfan (Claire Standish/John Bender; R; Romance, drama)
Summary: Four years after the movie, Claire gets a late night phone call from the last person she'd expect to hear from.
Art – Cover Art created by imera

Burn Notice/Golden Girls

Plodding and Scheming by rise_your_dead (Mild Blanche/Sam and Fi/Michael; PG13; Humor, Action, Casefic, Friendship)
Summary: After a chance encounter, Dorothy reluctantly hires their acquaintance Michael and his team to take care of a gambling ring that's sprung up at Sophia's senior center
Art – Illustration created by foolish_m0rtal

Common Law (tv)

Oil and Water by hellbells101 (Wes Mitchell/Travis Marks; R)
Summary: Oil and Water are two things that just don’t mix. Most people in homicide believe that the two detective partners are just two such people. The only trouble is some of the tension is because Wes is having a hard time fighting his desire for his very male partner. Will he fight his family’s expectations for what he wants.
Art – Cover Art created by foolish_m0rtal

Da Vinci's Demons

Weather Every Storm by meridian_rose (Leonardo/Riario; R; Modern!AU)
Summary: London, present day. Leo and Riario were in a tempestuous but passionate relationship until they recently broke up. Leo, believing they'll get back together, is stunned when he gets a call saying Riario has attempted suicide. Desperate to win back the love of his life, Leo will go to any length to bring Riario home and repair their relationship.

Riario, always more emotionally distant, but still in love with Leo, lets himself be won over gradually. Bonding with Leo's friends and buying out Leo's share of the pub which Vanessa owns, Riario builds a new life at Leo's side, even trying to make amends with Lucrezia, the cousin who has long hated him. Zo isn't so sure about things, but if everyone can put their past behind them, the future could be bright.

And then Leo is made an offer he finds it almost impossible to refuse.
Art – Cover Art, Chapter Art & More created by stormbrite

Dragon Force

To Make the End of Battle by tehexile (Teiris/Wein; PG13; Fantasy)
Summary: The final battle against Madruk is looming, the Dragon Warriors are running out of time to recover the artifacts from the three shrines and the Apostles of Madruk have been sent to stop them.
Art – Cover Art & Icons created by lsellersfic

Eagle, The

The black sheep and the swan by imera (Marcus Flavius Aquila/Esca Mac Cunoval; NC17; Romance, AU-fusion)
Summary: Marcus left a promising career as a ballet dancer in England and moved to USA, where he works as a stripper. His uncle blackmails him into spending a few months with him back in England, and takes him out to see a ballet performance. Marcus is convinced he will hate it, but then is captured by the performance, or more like one hot dancer.

He believed he would never see the man again, but his uncle, who has some influence in the dance academy, set up a playmate between Marcus and the hot dancer.

It might not have been his ideal start, but he couldn't deny that there was something between them.
Art – Fanmix & Cover created by camellie

Early Edition (tv)

What Looks Like Crazy by akamarykate (Gary Hobson/Toni Brigatti; PG13; Action, Romance)
Summary: A man who thinks he's a superhero makes repeat appearances in Gary's paper, and Gary's efforts to help him turn into trouble for them both. Toni and Marissa, who are anything but sidekicks, join forces to save the day.
Art – Cover Art, Fanmix & Cover created by skylar0grace


Shadow of the Wolf by tarlanx (Jack/Nathan; NC17; Werewolf!AU)
Summary: When Jack returns from 1947 with the others he is in for a shock. Not only is he dead in this timeline, but he died in Nathan's place. As if that is not shocking enough, he learns there were secrets in Eureka beyond Section 5, and the changes emanating from their adventure back in 1947 have brought the biggest secret of all from out of the shadows.

On the other side of the equation, Jack's return has given Nathan a chance to claim a mate he thought lost to him forever. Except Nathan doesn't know if this Jack Carter has the same feelings for him as the one he lost.
Art – Video created by danceswithgary

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

Bad Moon Rising by joidianne4eva (Hansel/Ben; PG13; Romance, Supernatural)
Summary: Be wary not of the wolf outside your door but of the one lurking beneath your skin.

The plan had been simple, confront the witches, assess the situation and if need be, shoot the witches between the eyes. It hadn’t been quite as simple when he was nearly mauled by the thing that they’d locked up in their attic but Hansel was really good at rolling with the punches…or bites as it were.

What he hadn’t planned on was sticking around long enough to be captured after he managed to cut the creature’s head off. He definitely hadn’t planned to wake up chained in the very attic where he’d almost had his throat ripped out.
Art – Cover Art & Scene Illustrations; Fanmix & Cover created by seraphina_snape

We've got a world of Black-Eyed Blues by karrenia_rune (Ensemble; PG13)
Summary: The group accepts a contract to escort an Iberian nobleman and his cargo across the mountains so that he can present them to his betrothed in the city of Zaragoza. However, not everything is at it appears to be and they have to contend with raiders and witch rumored to be casting a ‘sleeping sickness among the men, women and children in the area. Note: Set several months post events shown in the movie.
Art – Banner, Book Jacket, Cover Art & Divider created by taibhrigh

Invisible Man, The (tv)

a moment like this by lon_dubh (ensemble; R; Sci-Fi, Action)
Summary: Another agency learns about the gland's/Darien's ability to host another person and he is requested to help retrieve vital information from a dead agent. After weeks of supposed debriefing Darien wakes up to find his body no longer his own and has to find a way to get control and and get back to the Agency where his only hope to be saved is.
Art – Book Jacket created by gryphon2k

Jurassic Park III

Evolution by museaway (Alan Grant/Billy Brennan; R; romance, future!fic)
Summary: Alan will forgive him, just not today.
Art – Cover Art, Dividers & Scene Illustrations created by deinonychus_1

King Arthur (2004)

Wait For Me by sasha_b (Arthur Castus/Lancelot; PG13; action, pre-movie, cannon-divergence, emo hurt/comfort, character development)
Summary: Arthur Castus, the commander of fortress Camboglanna in the north of Roman Britain, is ambushed while on a routine patrol and taken hostage by the local Pict warriors that populate the close north of Hadrian's Wall. Arthur's knights and his second in command, Lancelot ap Ban, attempt to retrieve him without trouble.

Trouble tends to follow Arthur and his knights, however, as Lancelot, while possessing the best intentions and slightly hidden love for Arthur, seeks to save the commander while still recovering from a violent flu that has killed several of the fortress's denizens a few weeks previous. Lancelot and the other knights recover Arthur, but things go awry and Lancelot is accused of trying to kill his commander by the Roman legions that still occupy fortress Camboglanna.

Can Arthur save his second despite the disdain and hatred the Roman army has for the conscripts Arthur leads? Can he save Lancelot despite the other man's propensity for anger and rash decision making? To what lengths will Arthur go to save the man that knows him best of all?
Art – Fanmix & Cover, Story Illustration created by marplejuice

Lewis (tv)

A Difference of Opinion by thesmallhobbit (Robbie Lewis/James Hathaway; PG13; case!fic)
Summary: An academic has been murdered in Oxford, but is this due to a relationship that has soured or as a result of something he discovered in an ancient document?
Art – Charcoal portraits created by bunn

The Eradication of Japanese Knotweed on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela by owlbsurfinbird (James Hathaway/Robbie Lewis; PG13; Quest)
Summary: All in all, it's a pleasant end to his walk on the Camino. With the exception of being arrested for murder, of course.
Art – Fanmix & Cover created by untldeathtakeme

To Those That Walk In Darkness by fortesomniare (James Hathaway/Robert Lewis; NC17; AU)
Summary: A motor vehicle accident becomes a murder investigation. As Lewis and Hathaway investigate, death comes to Oxford CID, and a secret James Hathaway has kept for most of his life is shockingly revealed.
Art – Banners, Covers, Dividers, Icons, and Wallpapers created by tarlanx

Worth Dying For by lyricaxxx (Robbie/James; PG13; Ghost Story, Near Death Experience)
Summary: Robbie sees it in slow motion, like a film slowed to half time, as he runs towards them. The two men struggling in a pool of twinkling white light. The man turning, his hand coming up, the shining object connecting with the side of James’s skull. James tilts, listing ridiculously, a tall, blond Leaning Tower of Pisa.

There’s a horrendous cracking sound. Rotten wood splintering.

James falls. Still in slow motion. He crashes through the cracked railing. Pieces of wood and his body cart-wheeling in the air. Falling fast as time speeds up again.

There’s a loud splash as James hits the water. Smaller splashes as pieces of the rail pepper the river.

Robbie doesn’t even try for the bridge. He cuts and heads straight for the river bank, kicking off shoes, dropping his scarf, yanking off his heavy overcoat as he runs. The moment his hand rips free of the coat, he launches himself through the overhanging trees into the river.
Art – Cover Art created by neevebrody

Losers, The

A Language He Can't Read Just Yet by sperrywink (Carlos 'Cougar' Alvarez/Jake Jensen; NC17; HS-College!AU, romance)
Summary: Carlos grows up, while missing all the signs.
Art – Illustrations created by dejester

Losers, The/Blade: Trinity

Convergence by taibhrigh (Cougar/Jensen, Hannibal/Drake; R; AU, Soulmates, Supernatural)
Summary: The Vampire King is once again walking the earth. On any other day Hannibal King would try to kill him; today he has to thank him for saving his life. That is, before he turns it upside down.

Jake Jensen has been hiding from himself and doing a pretty good job of it. He hadn't expected to be held captive by vampires; nor had he expected to come face to face with his past. Especially not in front of Cougar.

And that's just the beginning.
Art – Fic Cover, Picspam Illustrations, Fanmix & Cover Art created by seraphina_snape

Political Animals

carry me down (rolling in your arms) by spikedluv (TJ Hammond/Alex Logan (OMC); NC17; Romance, Action; Read Warnings)
Summary: TJ Hammond doesn’t think he needs a security detail. Until he meets Alex Logan.
Art – Cover Art & Scene Illustrations created by kat_lair

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

Scarlet Bound Titanium: On the Town by pairatime (Carter Grayson/Ryan Mitchell; PG13; light BDSM AU)
Summary: Carter wants Ryan to spend more time in town. Ryan finds he enjoys it more then he thought it would, he even makes some new friends, and maybe something more.
Art created by creaturewithout

Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin'

Morphin' Grid by seramercury (Jason/Kimberly, Ensemble; PG13; Romance, Action, Angst)
Summary: Jason Scott is just like any other teenager in Angel Grove. He has a family, friends, school work, and extracurricular activities. What sets him apart is that he and his four closest friends are Power Rangers.

When Jason disappears right in front of the other Rangers during a fight with Rita's new monster, Billy and Zordon race to try and locate him. When they do will they be able to help him or will he be lost for good?
Art – Cover created by carbonatedh2o

Stargate: Universe

Thin Line by severina2001 (Rush/Chloe; PG; Romance)
Summary: This is a mistake. But her beautiful blue eyes are imploring him and if he pulls away from her now, it looks like rejection. Rejection, with Matthew Scott watching and cataloging the moment. He'll not have that.
(Author Opted Out of Art)

Suikoden 1,2 (game)

You Said This Would Be Simple by celeste9 (Viktor/Flik, Viktor/Anabelle; PG13; Romance, drama)
Summary: As Viktor settles in to life as a mercenary captain in his home country of Dunan, he learns that casual doesn’t mean uncomplicated and that sex is never simple. Or, the story of how Viktor falls in love with his best friend, much to his chagrin.
Art – Cover Art, Chapter Dividers & Scene Illustrations created by deinonychus_1


The Associative Property of Being Happy by concupiscence66 (Pete/Stitch; NC17; Romance, drama; Read the warnings)
Summary: Pete and Stitch are happily living together but issues remain. Stitch can't quite cut off ties with his abusive ex and Pete is walking on eggshells around Stitch's self-destructive behavior, but there are lots of ways to find happiness and Pete has never let "reality" get in his way.
(Author Opted Out of Art)

The Thick Of It

Cheap Whiskey from the Corner Shop by fickle_fics (Malcolm Tucker/OFC; R; Romance)
Summary: Almost midnight on a Saturday night Malcolm Tucker's work is interrupted by Grey White, former intern at DoSAC and one of the few people Malcolm can bear on his doorstep after a year. As if that wasn't odd enough she's there to admit how much she wants to sleep with him, and always has. From there his plans to work all weekend are seriously disrupted by the semi-naked women in his flat, and he would say something of course, but it isn't often he gets women who actually know what's like at work throwing themselves at him.
Art – Fanmix & Cover created by untldeathtakeme

Participation Banners will be coming soon!
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